It is the Sixth Eon on the planet Edom. Benjamin ben Jacob is a Believer who lives at Fort Kanosh in the land of Deshret. At the age of thirteen, Ben becomes a Kohan and receives his own personal Believer name-stone. Then he meets Elizabeth, an Outsider, and they discover that the stone makes them telepathic.

Saturday, November 28, 2015


This is me, Ben, speaking. Just so’s you’ll understand how me and Bess worked on this book, she talked me into writing this little introduction all on my own hook, so to speak, with no corrections from her, so’s you can hear how I really talk out loud. When you get to the parts where Bess is talking, you’ll notice a big change, so I figgered I better warn you now.
This first book is all ’bout me growing up at Fort Kanosh, and meeting Bess, an’ how all the Believers were looking forward to the Visitation of God at the dawn of the Seventh Eon. Meanwhile, the Akamerian Empire was threatening to invade us, so Pa went off to war.
Looking back, I can see that everything that was s’posed to happen, did happen, right according to God’s schedule.We’ve been told that these same kinds of end-time miracles happen on other planets, but since we don’t know much about those other worlds, we’ll just stick to our own story here.
Benjamin ben Jacob
Kanosh City, in the fourth turn of the Seventh Eon